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ABOUT THE GAME The main character, Don Quixote, will face many trials in his quest to rescue the king from his new chicken form.Everyone will have to fight and overcome the various emotions within yourselves. FEATURES This is a permadeath game.That means there is no saving, but you will feel like you are getting better as you play.Don't believe me, huh...? Well, we have something for cowards like you.Try buying items! *But promise me you won't do any gambling!All you need are sharp reflexes and control over your emotions.Skeletons that suddenly explode as you approach! Police cars and sharks flying at youfrom nowhere!A variety of traps will kill you in countless ways while you enjoy exciting background music.Getting the better of the developers will give you a feeling of exhilaration like no other!Just imagine the joy when you overcome the vicious traps!I could go on and on, but the various traps and giant bosses are impatient for your arrival.Wait? You made it all the way to the end?T