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ABOUT THE GAME Join Nikolaï Orelov in his search for redemption as you journey through an iconic, propaganda art style Russia in 2.5D gameplay. FEATURES • Survive the aftermath of October Revolution.Dive into the middle of a major historical event served by iconic propaganda art style and its revolutionary symbolism. Jump on the famous trans-Siberian train, infiltrate the Kremlin and escape from Moscow!• Experience the thrill of being a stealthy Assassin in a modern setting.Explore a new contemporary setting in the 20th century and its modern stealth systems, such as elevators, radios & trip wires. Interact with new vehicles like trucks, trains & tanks.• Switch between two playable characters.Embody Nikolaï, snipe targets with his silenced rifle, detonate mines from a distance or get up close with its bayonet. Discover Nikolaï’s Mechanical Winch, a versatile tool that sends electric shocks.Play Anastasia, infiltrate narrow channels and discover her exclusive Helix Blade. Read more What