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ABOUT THE GAME Your team of four heroes starts out weak, as expected, but develops quickly, unlocking endless customization options. Every monster drops gold, spent on unlocking levels, skill tree branches, new classes reflecting your playstyle, new enemies to face, new cards to experiment with… Every unlock brings with it new ways to play the game and prepare your heroes for meeting the final challenge! FEATURES Everything you do between bouts of heroically bloody fighting in the arena matters. Your heroes earn you Glory. You can then spend Glory to get more heroes to throw into the meat grinder, unlock new spells, cards, and change the dynamic of the game. Then, it’s back to the arena for them to fight (or, if you're daring, dig up artifacts while under fire). Victory or death! Quite literally, actually: Fail to manage your heroes properly and face utter defeat and humiliation! Play your own way, combining classes, party compositions, factions, skills, and decks for an endless variet