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Sale: buy Dead Island 2 - Haus PC - DLC for PC - Steam key download

Dead Island 2 - Haus PC - DLC cover
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ABOUT THE DLC This content requires the base game. Lose yourself in a surreal, psycho-horror dreamscape as you explore a mysterious villa in Malibu. Descend through madness, debauchery, and gore, where survival means confronting a new wave of unexpected horrors. Encounter the Kult, a group of unquestionably committed elitists who believe they hold the key to humanity’s survival. Will you embrace the Kult’s vision and fight for their cause? The choice is yours in this first story expansion for Dead Island 2. FEATURES New Story A secret billionaire’s techno-death cult fights for survival amidst the Zompocalypse. The Kult are paragons of a new future, shown to them by their enigmatic leader and prophet - Konstantin. Explore their sinister and debaucherous world as you navigate the cult’s twisted ideology.New Location Dare to step inside the dangerous halls where the boundaries of morality are pushed to the limit. Stylishly perched above the Malibu waves, this nightmarish location serves a