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ABOUT THE GAME Ready your decks, pick your party, and prepare for battle! Innovating on the tactical RPG genre, Dream Tactics delivers rich character customization, strategic combat, and tactical card combos to explore. The Dream World is in peril! It is up to our unlikely hero, Neru, to assemble a formidable team to defeat Dream Eater and save the world from its imminent collapse. The only problem? Neru may have slacked a bit on learning Reverie, the magic of the Dream World, and is almost out of time until its destruction! FEATURES Over 100 Cards to Choose From! Cards are key to combat in Dream Tactics. Each character can play multiple cards a turn allowing you to perform devastating combos. Play Your Way! Find cards along your journey and use them to build decks for each one of your characters. Find Others to Join Your Cause! Along your journey, you will find a variety of allies who will accompany you on your quest. Venture Off The Grid! Forged by dreams themselves, the islands of t