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ABOUT THE GAME Survive the Void and rule the seas! Lost in the Bermuda Void, a strange realm where the ocean is endless and islands fade in and out of existence, seemingly suspended in the time of Dread Pirates. Neither alive nor truly dead, they roam these waters in search of prey. Unless you want to be fodder left in the wake of their mighty ships, you'll have to craft a ship and take to the waves - then conquer the forgotten seas, whose treacherous waters are full of bounty, treasure, and grave danger! FEATURES Ships are magic in the Void and essential to survival. Even loaded with food, tools, and weapons, every ship can fit down into a bottle - from the tiniest schooner to the greatest dreadnaughts - and be unleashed at a moment's notice! Store away your ship for exploration or keep it as an unwelcome surprise for your enemies. Or even better, craft a custom fleet with a ship for every occasion. Lure in pirates expecting an easy fight, then surprise them with a full broadside from