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Gear.Club Unlimited 2 - Ultimate Edition PC cover
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THIS EDITION INCLUDES All Gear.Club Unlimited 2 DLCs ABOUT THE GAME Find all the Gear.Club Unlimited 2 content and discover new driving sensations: on simple roads & on tracks, for speed and endurance challenges… but always with prestigious vehicles! Embark the Porsche Series and drive legendary Porsche cars such as the 911 930 Turbo, drive iconic endurance cars such as the Ford GT40 MK I Gulf on the official 24H Le Mans racetrack in the Endurance Championship… or just drive for pleasure on multiple surfaces! You will need a lot of talent and persistence, and a big push on the throttle to be the best! Drive legendary vehicles in a huge game area with rich & diverse environments with remastered graphics for an intense experience! In Career mode, you can save the family racing team from bankruptcy by challenging charismatic drivers of various nationalities. Discover the Porsche Series mode and drive the famous manufacturer’s most prestigious vehicles, to get the chance to drive the iconi