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ABOUT THE GAME You are a Necromancer: a lone sorcerer who seeks to grow ever more powerful and learn new forms of dark magic. You spend your days searching for challengers to fight, so you can hone your wicked craft. But while you destroy myriads of monsters, none of them seem truly worth the fight...Until one day, all of a sudden, more and more dangerous creatures start entering your world. You know something is wrong; however, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to prove your might and show everyone you truly are the fearsome mage you always knew yourself to be! FEATURES Explore varied and wonderfully detailed environments - from lush countryside, deep forests, haunting cemeteries, vast castles, ice caves, smoldering volcanoes, and more - all teeming with danger to prove yourself against, as their denizens try their best to destroy you.Wield devastating weapons, cast powerful spells and undergo gruesome transformations to vanquish your foes, using th