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THIS EDITION INCLUDES High On Life High On Life: High On Knife ABOUT THE GAME Do you want to buy High On Life and the DLC mission, High On Knife but you’d rather not do it separately? What if you could buy them both at once, together in some sort of combined bundle? Does that calm you down a bit? Are you okay now? You were freaking us out a bit. But now that we’ve explained this bundle situation you’re looking a lot better. Mind if we continue? If you don’t know what you’re getting into, here’s the deal: High On Life is an action-packed comedy-adventure FPS filled with unhinged talking guns, an evil alien drug cartel selling humans on the black market, and an impressive variety of gorgeous and seedy spacefaring locales to explore. You wanna buy goop from a back-alley salesman? You wanna tell some construction workers that their dad will never love them? You wanna rescue a talking knife from a bunch of a gang of ant clones? You can do ALL of those things in High On Life, trust me. And a