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ABOUT THE GAME Survive, Craft, Battle, Automate and Explore. Minicology lets you take to the stars and travel through a procedurally-generated universe of tiny planets! Build bases, defend against invasions, terraform worlds, and engineer factories that automatically farm and mine. Minicology encourages creative solutions to everything — from cultivating plants to fighting enemies! FEATURES Immerse yourself in a world where self-sufficiency is key. Gather valuable resources, grow your own crops and learn to automate any process. Use item pipes to automate processes and transfer materials around your base, hunt for food, harness energy, and secure your water source as you navigate the challenges of this miniature universe - but it doesn't stop there — get creative and construct a fully-fledged base, that can repel invaders and stand as a testament to your survival skills. Mechanisms and components can be manufactured from basic raw materials — but some rare items can only be found by co