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ABOUT THE GAME In Mists of Noyah, you start in an abandoned fort that has been attacked and destroyed by corruption, and you’ll have to explore the world to find the inhabitants who have managed to escape the attack, to rebuild the fort and return to war! During the day, you’ll have to collect resources such as wood, iron, gold, special ores, plants, food, and search for lost inhabitants of the ancient fort!During the night, you’ll have to build defensive towers, regroup with the found inhabitants and protect yourself. Every full moon, the demons lash out at your fort and get stronger with each attack! FEATURES Multiplayer Co-op Five Playable Heroes Leveling Quests Talents Familiars 10+ Biomes Day and Night cycle Dungeons [Normal, Heroic, Mythic+] Lootable Skills [Proc System] Lots of Equipment Status Variation [Affix & Suffix System] Corruption System Relics Perks Crafting [Blacksmith, Cooking, Alchemy] Farming Building Enchanting Reforge & Refine Tower Defense every 7 days Events Gat