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Old World - Wonders and Dynasties PC - DLC cover
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THIS DLC INCLUDES This content requires the base game. 100+ New Dynasty Related Events 21 New Character Traits 120 New Historical Characters New Wonders of the World ABOUT THE GAME Old World - Wonders and Dynasties introduces 30 brand new ways of starting your game with the addition of new Dynastic leaders – each empire has received new leaders and starting conditions. Play as the dictator Sulla to leverage your unique dictator trait, as Khufu to construct endless wonders with the help of his wonder cost reduction, or as Nebuchadnezzar to quickly control large amounts of territory and forge a massive empire in the early game. Meanwhile, eight new wonders of the ancient world will add new and unique modifiers to your empire. Generate free specialists with the Jerwan Aqueduct, become the trade capital of the world with the Al Khazneh, or spawn an endless army of swordsmen with the Colosseum. Carve your legacy in blood, or stone. Read more What are the system requirements? MINIMUM OSWindo