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Sale: buy Stellaris: Season 08 PC - DLC for PC - Steam key download

Stellaris: Season 08 PC - DLC cover
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THIS DLC INCLUDES This content requires the base game. Day 1 Unlock: Rick The Cube Species Portrait Stellaris: The Machine Age (Releases May 7 2024) Stellaris: Cosmic Storms (Releases Q3 2024) Stellaris: The Grand Archive Story Pack (Releases Q4 2024) ABOUT THE GAME An exclusive portrait for you species, to play as the most enigmatic species in the galaxy. As every Stellaris Species Portrait, it comes with three different variants (phenotypes) and custom animations. Players will be able to select this portrait in the empire creation skin before starting a new game session. Instant, exclusive access when buying the Expansion Pass. Explore the Cyberpunk Fantasies of technological augmentation and digitalization of consciousness by expanding the possibilities offered in game by the Cybernetics and Synthetics Ascension. Address the moral and social challenges that communing with the machine bring to your space-faring empire, and face a new threat looming over the galaxy… or become a new th