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Stellaris: The Machine Age PC - DLC cover
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THIS DLC INCLUDES This content requires the base game. NEW ENDGAME CRISIS NEW PLAYER CRISIS PATH INDIVIDUALISTIC MACHINES NEW CYBERNETIC AND SYNTHETIC REACTIVE PORTRAITS NEW SITUATIONS AND ADVANCED AUTHORITY SWAP 3 NEW ORIGINS ABOUT THE GAME It is a time of unbridled progress. As cybernetic augmentation transcends the limits of the body, synthetic ascension beckons with the promise of eternal life. Structures of immense size and power appear between the stars with shocking regularity. Scientists race to unlock the secrets of creation even as individual machines compete for resources and prestige. It is a period of technological marvels, rapid change, and unchecked ambition... But from the ashes of a Fallen Empire, a danger unlike any before encountered is about to emerge, a looming threat that will throw the very meaning of life into question. Welcome to The Machine Age, a new Expansion for Stellaris developed by Paradox Development Studio! NEW ENDGAME CRISIS A tempest rages in space,