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Sale: buy Trove - Mega Menagerie Pack PC - DLC for PC - GLYPH key download

Trove - Mega Menagerie Pack PC - DLC cover
$33.79 $5.19

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ABOUT THE DLC This content requires the base game. Set off for adventure with the supersized Mega Menagerie Pack! Bursting with blocky goodness, this epic pack contains more than 40 awesome items that’ll help you style and profile across the multiverse. Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks Dragon Egg Fulguras, the Lightning Blade Dragon Egg 6 Magnificent MountsPowered Wheelchair, Light Gunship, Bouncing Beehive, Verlis Wolf, 4-T Assembled Souser, Dessert Dromintoceros 14 Adorable AlliesSilverfang Pup, Husky Pup, Snowsquall Strigid, Viridescent Hummingbird, Tuxedo Cat, Moon Dreamer, Bloxx the Playful, Fluttermouse Familiar, Planing Possum, Zephyrian Zardille, Wee Wheekie, Cherry Chibi Chompbox, Starsheen Seahorse 4 Crazy CostumesPlatinum Paladin, Stone Shaper, The Blocktor, Skysunder Sniper 8 Hip Hat StylesFreewheeling Foxhelm, Dipper Kipper, Gunmetal Glory, Shadow Horse Hood, Dated Dome, Bellweather Beanie, Confirmed Conspiracy, Auxilliary Cognitive Processor 5 Fearsome Face StylesBlossomin