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ABOUT THE GAME As a franchisee of Endwell medical you are entrusted to establish and run a successful medical facility – delivering ever increasing profits for corporate HQ. Establish a local subsidiary of the Endswell Medical Corporation. With multiple locations for your franchise to be located in, each biome will have new unique features that will keep things fresh while offering different challenges. FEATURES Manage patients, cash flow, risks, and maintenance. Keep your operation running smoothly and without… incident. Rent office space and expand your medical facilities – even underground. Utilise the space for a range of activities both above and below board. Hire the right staff for the right joby. Staff are ranked on skill / cultural fit / stamina determining effectiveness, and you get what you pay for.. Develop new drugs and treatments to help serve your community whilst also secretly researching illegal viruses & bioweapons. When things go bad, salvage as much money & research