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ABOUT THE GAME Welcome to the Volcano Kingdom!The Volcano Goddess has blessed the land of her people. She brought prosperity to a country flourishing in a medieval era.After the death of your late wife, you are left alone to parent your daughter. So the question remains, how will you raise her, and what kind of life will the choices you make lead her to? FEATURES As your daughter's sole guardian, it’s up to you to make sure she has everything she needs to be happy in her daily life and studies. Explore new hobbies and interests with her; your child is always learning so it’s important to try different jobs and activities. Despite all the growth and change you experience together, the most important lesson you must teach is that the bonds of family can never be broken. The sunlight filters softly through the trees, and the streets of the Volcano Kingdom are filled with whimsical tunes!Besides enjoying the delicacies and delights of the land with your darling daughter, players can also i