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  • Platform: Steam
  • Release date: 05-19-2014
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Wolfenstein®: The New Order is the latest addition to the series that developed the first-person shooter genre. In development at Machine Games, a studio consisting of an experienced group of developers recognized for their work in creating story driven games: Wolfenstein offers a deep story full of action, adventure and first-person combat.

Wolfenstein sends players in Europe on a mission to destroy the giant war machine.
With the help of a small group of resistance fighters, you infiltrate heavily guarded compounds, take on high-tech battle legions, and take control of weapons that have conquered Earth.

Armed with mysteriously advanced technology, the regime has brought even the most powerful nations to their knees. Awakened from a 14-year coma in a world that has changed forever, hero B.J. Blazkowicz in this unimaginable alternative version of the 1960s. A version in which a fascist regime has won the great war as the world rules with an iron fist. You are B.J. Blazkowicz, the American war hero, and the only one capable of rewriting history.

The action and adventure
Breathtaking, Wolfenstein features intense mountain top chases, underwater exploration, player-controlled machines, and much more - all combined to create an exciting action-adventure experience.

The history and setting
Against a backdrop of an alternative 1960, you will discover an unknown world ruled by a trusted enemy - one that has changed history as you know it.

The arsenal and the attack
Break into secret research facilities and heavily guarded weapon storage to upgrade your weapons. Experience intense first-person combat as you take on giant robots, super soldiers, and elite shock troops.

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Minimum system requirements

OS Windows 7 64
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66GHz / AMD Phenom II X2 545
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 / AMD Radeon HD 5550 1024MB

Recommended system requirements